Supervisors, Managers, Leaders, Directors (whatever is your title) …. why do you like to close the door? Do you feel that you can get more work done with fewer interruptions? Do you feel the need to separate yourself from the staff? Do you like that people have to knock on your door to see you? Do you just not like people? Do you hate your job? Is it all the above?

Listen, I understand closing the door if you need to speak with someone privately, if you are on a conference call, or if you need to work on a project that requires your 100% focus. But of course, there are 2 sides to everything. Your staff should respect your space and not come in or knock on the door every 5 seconds. That is probably a sign of micromanaging. You should empower your staff to work on their own and schedule specific times in the week or in the day that you can meet to discuss the progress of their work. If your staff interrupts you all day long, then again that is a sign they might not know how to do their job. Perhaps you should consider additional training for them.

A true leader

As a leader, no matter what seniority level you have, you must be the epitome employee. You are the example. You are the one everyone is watching. Your mood and demeanor affect everyone in that office. With that said, if you are open, always available, manage your time with your team, and always in plain sight, there is nothing to suspect. No one can say they do not know what you are doing all day long. Open door means the team can see you working. It also means that you have no secrets from your team. I can assure you that your team appreciates that from you because it gives off the perception that you are part of their team and not separate or above. People want to follow leaders, not bosses. Leaders have open door policies. Be a leader. Don’t allow people to guess what you are doing all day long.

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