Never did I imagine that in my lifetime I would live through a pandemic. My generation (yes, I’m a millennial) is not accustomed to not knowing what is going to happen.

Opening the door

My generation does not accept the unknown. We research it, we Google it, we find the guy or gal that already invented it; and it usually takes us about 5 minutes or less to find it. I thought our world was perfect. I thought there is no way with the technology we have in place that we could not easily defeat an infectious disease. Honestly, it still boggles my mind that there is no cure for cancer.

So what happens now? Now we have to face difficult times straight in the eye, and adjust our lives to the new normal. Growing up in a Hispanic family, hugs and kisses are part of my everyday routine. Now it feels so alien not to give a friend or well-known acquaintance a kiss or hug. Now it feels awkward to go somewhere and not shake hands to introduce myself.

We should all be appreciative of family, being outdoors, and quality time with friends. Many families and friends are apart, celebrating together over a computer screen. Business meetings and school now all virtual. And so many Americans without jobs. As the saying goes, a little modified with Yolanda touch, “prepare for the worst and WORK HARD TOWARDS making it better.”

Regaining control

For those individuals without a job right now, it is important for you to take this time to restructure that resume. Shake off what happened. What happened is out of your control. Start taking charge of what you can control. Get creative so when that recruiter is going through hundreds of resumes, yours stands out! Figure out what is your true passion. Figure out positions to apply for that get you closer to your dreams and professional aspirations. Or forget applying anywhere and start working for yourself. Identify small business opportunities with minimal investment and start up costs. Just jump out and try it. If you love it, you’ll never work a day for the rest of your life. If you don’t love it, try again until you find what you are looking for. P.S. work really hard for what you want. Make sacrifices and take leaps of faith. And make sure you have the familial support to jump in head first. What do I mean by familial support? Funny you asked. You need your family. Your family may be your girlfriend, your husband, your kids, your parents, your friends. But you need their support when you dive into something new. Surround yourself with family and friends that are running as fast as you are. If they are running as fast as you are, those are the people you should surround yourself with. Everyone else’s energy will bring you down. Be with people who support you and motivate you to be a better version of yourself.

Keep your chin up during this time and be a positive influence towards everyone you interact with. Remember with everyone you encounter that they may have a tougher life than you do. Be sure to be grateful for your health and your family.

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