I read an article a few months ago about robots that were replacing recruiters to conduct job interviews.  Companies are using this artificial intelligence in order to avoid discrimination, bias, and other factors that negatively impact applicants throughout the interview process.  I began to feel worried that I could potentially be replaced one day by a system.  A system that pre-screens and interviews candidates for me, a system that handles the onboarding process for employees, a system that offers suggestions based on workforce analytics.  Will companies need an HR Department in the future?

I did some research that brought me reassurance in the field that I chose to pursue.  The unemployment rate for HR professionals is about half that of the national average.  The median annual pay for HR Managers is $107,000.00 annually.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the HR profession to grow approximately 9% by 2024.

You see, even though there are sophisticated HR systems that tell employers where the problems lie, and alleviate unnecessary manual workload from the staff, the organization still needs a human being to roll out employee programs and initiatives.  Employees need an outlet that is face-to-face, where they feel safe to ask questions and engage in a reciprocal conversation.  The fact is, no computer can understand emotion the way a human being does.

In addition to Human Resources professionals being specialized within the field of business administration, we also serve as influential members of the organization.  We understand the organization from a people-first point of view.  The C-suite pays for that type of influence because we are able to connect with the employees in a unique capacity.

Ultimately, working in human resources has proven to be an excellent choice for me. I feel professionally and personally fulfilled in my career.  But don’t just take my word for it… read the statistics.  HR is here to stay.  See if making a great living being a champion for people in the workplace is the right move for you.

HR requires judgement on people based on insight, experience, and observation and I’m not sure I’ve seen AI that can really do this

John Stewart, HR Director, SSE, The People Space

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