LagomHR is primarily focused on government, assisting municipal entities to fulfill their HR wish list. We get the projects done in weeks or months that you’ve been talking about getting done for years. Thanks to our extensive HR government background we understand your needs, tailor the work to your municipality, and strive to save tax payer dollars with affordable and competitive pricing.

Traditionally, the role of human resources in municipal government has been limited to administrative and transactional activities focused on compliance and manual paperwork. With the backing of LagomHR, government HR departments can adapt from a reactive approach to a proactive approach. Automation and technological advances are our specialty. Allow LagomHR to evaluate your existing payroll HCM system, and make the necessary upgrades that will facilitate your HR department to be more productive and proactive. We can also handle the time-consuming, but highly necessary tasks of completing compensation surveys, revamping employee policies and procedures manuals, and much more.

LagomHR is here to service your HR needs, so you can get back to focusing on your community’s needs.

Unsure about your HR needs?

Let LagomHR assess your HR needs. We evaluate key aspects of your municipality to offer you the precise suite of HR services that will work best. Not too little, not too much, just right.

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